How is a company linked to a service request?

I'm trying to put together a query where the company ( get's added to a service_request.

Right now when I browse on sysaid at incidents, the company name get's shown.

but how are these two linked in the database?

I have checked and realised there is no real relationship between dbo.service_req <->

How are these two linked? I want to get the company name of each service_req but don't know how to join the two tables
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I believe company is attributed from the Request User field. So whomever is the request user for the ticket is which company will be associated with that SR.

Great question btw!

As far as getting company for each ticket you should be able to add Company to your current SR view and then export all records. Also depending on your version of SysAid there should be a stock report for "by Company".

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