Submitting ticket does not return you to home page

Super SysAider
With the old End User Portal you submit a ticket and you are presented with a blank screen and a message saying thanks for submitting ticket and the number is SR12345. You then hit the back arrow or home symbol and return to EUP home page.
With SSP - you fill in new ticket details and hit submit. You get no message saying it's submitted or giving you the ref number. The screen returns to a blank incident screen. To return to home page you have to click on user name top right and select Self-Service Portal. You are then asked if you want to Discard Changes?
SSP should work like the EUP when after submitting your ticket you are given a confirmation message and there is a button to return you to SSP home page.
Super SysAider
Narrowed it down to a bug when running on IE. It works in Chrome.
SysAid Community Manager Product Team
Hi MPaulB,

Which version of IE are you using? Did you confirm this bug with our support team, and if so - did you get the bug number?

Super SysAider
Hi Danny,
I did a screen share with support today who have confirmed the bug. #1860778
Waiting to hear the next steps.