reopen ticket

Hi all!
When the ticket is reopened, it is assigned to the administrator who closed it.
It is necessary that the process manager is not selected (look at screen "OTPP").

Help me, please.

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SysAid Community Manager Product Team
Hi Tropik,

This can be done with Escalation Rules. You need to create a rule that looks for tickets in status "Reopen", and in Query Builder select "Process Manager is not none". Then, in Action Builder, select "Process Manager is none".
This will set Process Manager/Assigned To field to "none" for all tickets where it's not none already, with status Reopen.

You can also set the Escalation Rule to reset escalation level, if you want to run it more than once on the same tickets - please note that this might also make other Escalation Rules run on the ticket more than once, if you have those.

Please note that this rule will run on all tickets with these conditions. If you have any other criteria to limit the rule, use those as well.

You can read more about Escalation Rules here.