Tab Key not moving cursor into next form element

Hi guys,

I have a weird problem and I'm just curious if this is a known issue, since everyone in our department seems to have the same experience.

When filling forms in SysAid, the tab key can be used to skip between text fields, just as if you were tabbing in any other online form. However, when encountering a drop down list, the tab button doesn't place the cursor into this element.

That means that when I fill a form and need to select a location from a list, I need to move my hands from the keyboard, onto the mouse, move the mouse to the list, click, type in the first few letters of the location and click the result. Now this doesn't seem like much, but it does get into the way of mine and my colleagues' workflows.

The strange thing is, that the cursor is still "on" the element, but cannot interact with it. I know this because if I have a form with 5 elements, a text box, 3 lists and another text box, I need to tab 4 times to arrive at the last text box.

Is this a known issue? Is there a fix?

SysAid Community Manager Product Team
Hi SeverinK,

This is a known issue #15793. The main forum thread for it can be found here. I'll promote it further internally.