Adding Barcode data to Assets and CI's

Elite SysAider

Is there an easy way to update all assets/CI's in the system to include a barcode with out having to scan each one, which when you scan one and their is a CI in the system it will create a new one since the CI's in the system do not have a barcode set.

If I add the barcode field to the CI and edit the CI and add the barcode to the barcode field and then try to scan the asset I get an error message "Invalid view name:barcode_Asset"

I have also tried to use the CI import function and add the barcode field and data to the import I receive the same error.

If I try and use the barcode add and search for the asset using the asset name it find the asset and when I click on the asset that was found I get the same error message.

Seems everything I try I get the same error ..

I do have a ticket open and I was told I needed to add barcode support to the CI type but it is I even turned it off saved it and turned it back on and still no joy and I even turned off the barcode app and turned it back on no good ...

so I turn to "powerful and mighty oz" for help ....