Problem management

I am a new user to sysaid and have decided to utilise the problem management part of the system. I am able to create a Problem but would like to be able to associate multiple incidents to the problem record but I cant seem to do this. I can associate a asset but not other sysaid incidents.

The aim is that when a user logs a call for an intermittent issue, in most cases when the issue is resolved it can then reoccur. I would like to use the problem call to log a master problem for the issue and then be able to track and produce a accurate report of incidents that have been linked\associated to that master problem.
SysAid Product Manager Community Manager

There are two functions you can utilize for this: Parent/Child, or the Related Items.

With Parent/Child system, you can enter the parent SR ID into the "children" SRs, so their Status becomes matched to the Parent SR. You will need to add "Parent ID" field using Customize Form to the SR View.

Another method is the Related Items tab which you can see in the SR view. You can add item relationships in this section.

Thanks that worked as required.

Apologies for the late response, new job very busy.