Posting new KB Articles with tags causes issues.

SysAid Wiz
I went to look up a KB article today. We are sitting around 2000 ish KB articles. Today I noticed it said we have 5000!. On the list view, it looks like any time tag(s) were entered into the article creation, it creates multiple copies of the article in the list view.

SysAid Community Manager Product Team
Hi 5.7FSN,

I'm unable to reproduce the issue in my testing environment.

In order to investigate the issue, we will need the SysAid logs from your server. To download the logs you can either:
Click on your profile on the top-right of the SysAid screen > About, and in the popup window that opens click on "Download Log File".

If the above doesn't work, please collect following folders/files manually:
...\SysAidServer\root\WEB-INF\logs (entire folder, zipped)
...\SysAidServer\logs (entire folder, zipped)
...\SysAidServer\tomcat\logs (entire folder, zipped)

Afterwards, please create a ticket in our Helpdesk, copy your issue description, and attach these log files. The support team will investigate this issue.

SysAid Wiz
Yeap I entered a ticket yesterday. :*(