Screenshots: Sneak preview of SysAid Release 6.0

SysAid Marketing

Dear SysAiders,

Spring has sprung a little earlier than usual here at SysAid and the scent of fresh new features is in
the air. This March, we offer a sneak preview of the latest SysAid innovations soon to sprout this
season with the exciting release of SysAid 6.0.

Discover the new and improved SysAid in our first published screenshots of Release 6.0. With over
50% of new 6.0 features originating from customer requests alone, it just goes to highlight the
importance your continued feedback in taking SysAid to the next level and beyond.

Want to be first to try the new Release 6.0? Become a SysAid Pathfinder for your chance to road
test the new SysAid 6.0 beta upon release on March 24th, and leave your prints on the final stages
of development.

To celebrate the release of SysAid 6.0 Beta, we invite you to attend our upcoming free online
Webinar: Introduction to SysAid 6.0 on March 24th 2009. Learn more about the cutting-edge
features soon to be a part of your SysAid toolkit. Space is limited, so secure your place today.

It's not every day that we read about one man relocating an entire office with a few clicks of a
button. Find out how, in our SysAid IT Success Story from Gary Faulkner of Computer Depot, USA.

The Year of the SysAider is now in full swing, and it is with great pleasure that we announce our
SysAider of the Month February. Mike Mullins (Tidal Software, USA), is a Loyal SysAider who has
carried SysAid across three new roles and organizations. He shares his seasoned tips for
managing change.

The Internal SysAid Campaign is still going strong, thanks to the contributions of a few ingenious
SysAiders. Check out one SysAider's bright idea to help users locate the SysAid quick launch button
on their keyboards.

And finally, a reminder that time's running out to claim the 10% Early Bird discount for our fourth
SysAid Certification course.

For more information, please see our March Newsletter-Issue 25.

Stay tuned for more bright ideas and changes this Spring.


Israel Lifshitz

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SysAid Wiz
I gotta say 6 looks like a great improvement and just shows how much you guys all listen to " the people".

Can't wait to start testing in a couple of weeks!
When the going gets tough, the tough get SysAid
SysAid VP Product

Expecting to reading your inputs and comments during the Beta.....
Make sure you are signed up to our SysAid PathFinder Program to receive access to the Beta.



SysAid Wiz
I have to echo Mikes comments, this release looks fantastic and we are all very excited about the upcoming release (even my boss who doesn't normally get very exited about such things). I too want to congratulate Ilient on the way they are listening and adapting to our requests.
SysAid Mod
Indeed the new release looks very fresh with a lot of the Sysaid desires implemented.

I can't wait to test it\run it\implement it !

Makes me wonder much more excited we will be with the v7 release

I love the new look! It is going to be the best SysAid yet. Can't wait to use.
Every time you call Tech Support a Kitten dies! Please think of the kittens.
SysAid Customer Success Manager
Dear bjarrett ,

You mean that its going to the best SysAid Ever ...
SysAid Wiz
NO SHAY! If it's the best SysAid ever surely that means it will never improve =(
When the going gets tough, the tough get SysAid
SysAid Wiz

SysAid will always continue to evolve and improve, you will see it when 6.5 and later versions will be released.

I think shy just mistranslated a phrase in Hebrew

Pushing IT forward
SysAid Wiz
ah good. that's alright then!
When the going gets tough, the tough get SysAid
SysAid Mod

What Haim wanted to say is you should improve your Hebrew

Or maybe I mistranslated it too ....
Super SysAider
Am I correct in that the beta is being released on the 24th to the people who are signed up as a Sysaid Pathfinder?
SysAid Wiz
MichelleU wrote:Am I correct in that the beta is being released on the 24th to the people who are signed up as a Sysaid Pathfinder?

Yes that is correct.

how to test the sysaid 6.0?
i already signed up as SysAid Pathfinder..
then, don't know what to do.. huhu..
SysAid Marketing
Hi newbie,

Welcome to Pathfinders!

We sent an email to our registered SysAid Pathfinders on Tuesday 24th March announcing the beta release, with links and instructions on how to download the new beta.

If you signed up after this date, you should have received a welcome email with the beta release download instructions detailed there.

Should you need more help with the process, please feel free to contact SysAid Support at, or you can send a private message through the forum with your contact details and a member of our suport team will contact you to help you get started.

I hope that helps