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Is it possible to have a toolbox item launch a specific template as well as restrict only specific categories.

Scenario I have in mind is this.

For our every day users we do not make Categories available for their selection. More of a wanting to have as minimal amount of fields to enter as possible.

What I am working on is a custom template for our local agencies to use for the submission of tickets to our global teams. I would want to include global related categories on this template as well as have additional fields, hence the custom template.

According to¬AddingIndexJSP=true

It seems that we can either have a custom toolbox launch a specific template or specific categories, but not both at the same time.

SysAid Community Manager Product Team
Hi Paul,

This is actually possible by combining both the selectedGroupName and the populateSR methods with an "&" character. For example:


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Thanks Danny!

I'll play around with that.