Add Action Items fields into workflow notification

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I'm looking for the possibility to pull the fields from other workflow notifications into a notification that we would send to Approvers.

I know there is the option of attaching a PDF with all action items to a workflow notification, but it honestly is not formatted in a way that is easily readable and in our case contains too much information.

There is no definitive separation of information and unless you are familiar with the process it is hard to tell apart the information for each action item.

Additionally in our case we really have no need to include History or Messages in the automated report.

I reviewed¬AddingIndexJSP=true help page and am not seeing anything there that would instruct me on how to embedd fields that exist in other Action Items.

Is there any direction that I can be pointed in to accomplish this?
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Hi Paul,
is your problem related to the Workflow Notification or the SR Notification?
In the first case you can use:
$CurrentActionItem method as described in the On line help to pick up data from the current Action Item that generate the notification itself.
If you need a SR notification you should "copy" the value from Action Item to SR using the Action Item Attributes function to populate a field from AI to SR and then user the SR filed as source in your notification.

You can use also these methods for custom fields:
$CurrentActionItem.getAddonFieldValue('CUSTOM FIELD NAME')
(list value)
$AccountObj.getCustValues('CUSTOM FIELD NAME',$resource).getCaption($CurrentActionItem.getAddonFieldValue('CustomColumnXXsrSubTab'))

Hope this can help you,
best regards

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workflow notification.

What I am effectively trying to do is duplicate the functionality that is provided with the attached change pdf details option in that I want to pull the fields from previously completed Action Items into the notification that gets sent out to those who would approve the Change.

Want to do this so that I might share only the information that is relevant to us, but also format it in a way that is much more readable than the above noted auto-generated attached PDF.
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I think you can't "edit" the attached PDF because is a fixed printout (and not so read-friendly).
The best thing to do is use email notification with a good HTML format.
I think that in this way is more usable for users to find all info in mail body instead to search it into a PDF.
In addition you can realize some enhancement using Velocity syntax to better mark some important data.

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yes, i realize that, but how would I include the fields from other action items.

If i'm understanding the $CurrentActionItem option then that can only be used to include fields that are on the action item sending out the notification.

If I have 3 action items and I want to include the fields from action items 1 and 2 into the notification that is sent out on action item 3, can I do that?

and if yes, how would I format the tag.
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You have to user attributes from Action Item 3 and then use that inside WF notification from it.

For example
You have this info in previous AI:
Action Item 1 > Date 1
Action Item 2 > Text 2

On Action Item 3 Attributes:
Populate values from other action items >
Workflow tab:WF Item 1
Action item:Action Item 1
External field Date 1 -> Local field Date 1

Workflow tab:WF Item 1
Action item:Action Item 2
External field Text 2 -> Local field Text 2

So you can use Date 1 and Text 2 from AI 3 because they contain the data you have to display in mail.
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Thanks Tomaso,

That was helpful. I've been able to add the fields and have them auto-populated with the values of the previously completed action items.

I've been able to have all the fields included in my notification, except for the CI Attachment field.

I've had no success so far in having that field value appear in the notification.

Any suggestions?
SysAid Wiz
I suppose you can use this method described in the On Line Help:

Special tags that grant access to SysAid Entities
$ci This allows you to poll any field on the CI attached to the change or problem, except for list fields. Note that you must use a special syntax with this tag: $ci.getXXXX(). Replace getXXXX() with any any get method found in the CI table. Example to retrieve CI name: $ci.getCiName(). Note that this will not work for list fields, and that there must be a CI attached to the SR. The main CI used is for the entire change or problem and not for the action item that triggers the notification¬AddingIndexJSP=true

But I've not tested, I suppose you need to populate the SR "Main CI" field with the one in the Action Item and (maybe) after you can use $ci.getXXXX() to get the info you need.

$AccountObj.getCustValues('DB FIELD NAME',$resource).getCaption($CurrentActionItem.getAddonFieldValue('INTERNAL ATTRIBUTE NAME'))

I replace the DB FIELD NAME and INTERNAL ATTRIBUTE NAME and still I do not get any list values.
Don't know where I am wrong.
Hello ATCS,

In the data you provided you did not include the curly brackets. Can you confirm if you are using the call command you entered exactly? Also it looks like your file you copied and pasted is missing some "get" commands. I have pasted the command I use below, let me know if that helps or if you need more assistance.

${AccountObj.getCustValues("DATABASE FIELD NAME",$AccountObj.getResourceBundle()).getCaption($sr.getAddonFieldValue("CUSTOM FIELD NAME"))}

Thanks Alan. I tried that did not work. So this is a custom List I am trying to populate for the notifications.

This is a custom field under ACTION

I have other fields in the notification that are not List and they give output correctly.