Agent quit responding

I have one Windows 2008R2 Terminal Server that has had the agent installed for months. Today we are getting reports that when the icon is clicked that nothing happens. I verified this is the case.

1. restarted the services - No help
2. Verified I could manually get to the servers web page
3. Uninstalled the agent with the Deploy SysAid tool
4. Reinstalled the agent with same tool - No Help
<NOTE.. I did read the recent postings about the tool. It has been used all along and there is no reason to believe its stopped working at this point)
5. Restarted the Terminal Server - No Help
6. Uninstalled the Agent
7. Tried to manually install the agent. Keep getting a credential invalid message. Credentials match what the other servers with the agent installed.

Need help with this issue on why just this one agent has stopped and why a reinstalled agent is not responding.

Thank you..

SysAid Community Manager Product Team
Hi Bob,

What happens if you try to deploy the agent using the Deployment Plan in SysAid UI?
Did any network configuration change recently?

I suggest contacting our customer support team with this issue, while including the agent logs from this machine.
The SysAidAgentLog.txt file is present in the (C:\Program Files)\SysAid\logs folder, while the Agent configuration file is present at \SysAid\Configuration\AgentConfigurationFile.xml.


Thanks for the reply,
There is an SR with SysAid open (# 1947767)