Timers update interval

hi all,
We have some tight SLA (<15min response for P1) and need to have visibility on incident progress close to real-time.
I've created 4 timers that I'm displaying in a specific View for the team leaders so they can see where each incident is at. I've however noticed that the timers do not update at the same time the view refreshes (or when pressing F5) but appears to only update every 5min or so.

Is that a normal behaviour and is there any way to reduce that update interval? Is it the same interval used for inbox pulling (which I'd love to see shorter than the current 5min)

Using Sysaid ITSM Cloud version.

SysAid Wiz
Yes, 5 minutes in timer calculation is a standard behavior for SysAid for both edition (cloud and on-premise).
Incoming email integration run every minute (on-premise).

I don't know if is it possible to request a shorter interval to SysAid Professional Service, but I suppose that it could be a workload that can affect system performances.
It's only a consideration, I'm not entitled to give an official answer on this matter.

Best regards.
SysAid Community Manager Product Team
As Tomaso has mentioned, this is normal behavior. I suggest checking with your account manager to see if there are options to increase the rate.