Life just got easier with Merge Tickets

SysAid VP Product
Don’t you just hate when your support queue has multiple tickets about the exact same issue?

Ok, so the Marketing printer is jammed.

You got it.

There’s no need to have 100 different tickets about it.

It’s not like that’s going to help you solve the issue any faster….


Well...that’s all about to change with Merge Tickets

Find out how to keep your ticket queue clean by merging overlapping tickets.

You can view a short video documenting the Merge process on the Cloud Latest Release page (

* This feature will be available in the next on premise release - beta scheduled for April

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hi all,
I've tried to enable the merge function for my user.
As a SysAid master administrator, I can access the [merge] function after I've selected 2 SR in the list. But my users can't, even though they have been given the permission using Group permissions. I even tried to merge only incident from the same company + same category + same admin group... no luck

Any other setting I need to enable? Am I missing anything obvious?

User permissions

SR list

Using cloud ITSM v18.2.12 b2

Thanks Ricky from support for fixing the issue.

If anyone is having the same problem, the "Only SysAid Administrators can update SR fields from list actions" checkbox under [Settings > Service desk > General] must be unticked.

Otherwise only SysAid System admin have access. Problem solved
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I'm not sure I understand that logic.

Oded, why have a feature that is granted via permission on a Technician's account that can then be taken away via an application setting?
I had the same issue thanks for the post, still a little confused also paul
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I really don't understand the benefit of this feature...