Notification HTML Help

Elite SysAider
I've been working on trying to pretty up the notifications that our end users and technicians get.

At the top of the notification I have the following code set.

In every html editor I try online the code above displays as per the file attached called correct display.

When I input the code into the Notifications on SysAid however, I get quite a different output as displayed in the attachment called sysaid display.

Now I'm not an html programmer by trade, but I'm not sure why the code is outputting with such different results. I've confirmed it's not my email client as I get the same output whether I look at the email in iCloud, Gmail or Microsoft O365.

any help would be greatly appreciated!
SysAid Community Manager Product Team
Hi Paul,

I believe this is because the notification field looks both at code and at plaintext - and registers the linebreaks as well. My suggestion is to try getting rid of the linebreaks between the tags and seeing if this helps.