Preview custom notifications within Sysaid?

Hi guys,
as the topic suggests I am wondering if there is a way to preview a custom email notification within sysaid without modifying an existing custom notification?

The organisation I am working at wants to ensure the new template is satisfactory before I make any changes.

SysAid Wiz
Hi odonnellck,
the best option is to create a test environment and use it to test new email message.
You should be careful about email integration to avoid chaos with production environment.

You can also work in prdouction and use Velocity syntax to create a sort of double notifications are sent only to test user:

But it can be more risky

Hope it can help you.
Thanks for the reply!
This is what I was thinking, we have endured the chaos you have mentioned previously, service requests were all over the place. Currently our test sysaid environment is on a separate vlan with no internet access. Looks like we may just have to sort out the mail integration and move it back.