Why is a CI connected to a CI of the type Asset - and not directly to the Asset?

We are pretty new to SysAid and have been wondering this:

When I create an Asset, SysAid automatically creates a corresponding CI Asset.
And when I connect a CI Asset like a Monitor, I connect it to the CI Asset, and not directly to the Asset.
Can anyone help me understand this structure? Why would that make sence?
Hi Henrik.

I'd like to know the reason for the decision also.
AFAIK there are 2 DB's, the asset DB (alongside SR's and other functionality) and the CMDB.
If that IS the case, why?
Is it because CMDB functionality is an additional module?
Is it due to scaling? (Though doesn't it run on standard full-fat SQL which should scale just fine...?)
Is it due to a performance consideration?

Especially when we've added CI's manually and then had to manually create them in teh Asset list. We found automatic creation of Asset->CI, not the other way around (And there's the import settings to maintain those links).
So many odd decisions with the online version of the product, so it'd be intriguing to know why.