Custom fields and workflow tabs

Is it possible to have information entered into a service record custom field on a ticket to be populated automatically into a workflow tab of the same ticket?

For example we have a field called "Special Notes" that as part of our design process shows up under several non-workflow tabs and I would also like it to display under a specific admin action item so the Admins do not need to go back and forth between tabs.

We are using sysaid on premises Build Numberv17.2.04 b3.
SysAid Product Manager Community Manager
Hi Lord Tk,

You can use the Attributes button in the action item > "Populate values from other action items", then under "Workflow tab" select "Service Record, under "External Field" select the field you wish to copy the value from, then under "Local field" select the field you wish to copy the value to. Select the other options as required. Will this work for you?