Communication triggered AFTER SAVE

This is my second post attempt (maybe this is the right forum for this question / complain)

We have been a SysAid partner for at least 6 years, selling and (mostly) supporting the solution in Latin America.

Recently an important Mexican customer bough a license, and we jump in to develop a communication between BMC Remedy (the customer master Service Desk) and SysAid (for an important integration project), using Web Services (for different technical reasons, we decided to develop an intermediate Web Service, talking SOAP 1.2 towards Remedy and REST towards, and performing several required conversions in the middle.

The communication Remedy -> SysAid are working just fine, creating and updating cases in SysAid (using REST into SysAid), HOWEVER when we need to trigger communications from SysAid -> Remedy (using the "Creating entity triggers" facilities, specifically "After Save", as explained in : there is no way to get ANY answers from SysAid support ...

First they suggest to hire Professional Services for the job (no budget, no way) after that it has been A WEEK chatting with Support Representatives that provide NO HELP WHATSOEVER to the questions at hand :

- According to the brief documentation on the subject, we have to include the code to be executed AFTER SAVE and that "Should be written in Java". Fine. We have done that, extracting fields (based in the examples in the doc).
- HOWEVER : we need to send those fields, packet in an XML, to our Web Services interfaces, and that seems to be impossible (at least it is not working), no matter what we do ...

So far we have tested our Java code (from the simple to the more elaborate) in Netbeans, and it runs just fine ... but when we inserted the code in the AFTER SAVE area of SysAid, beyond some critic messages, we have no clue no WHY it is not working.

The logs are not very helpfull, even the AFTER SAVE - LAST LOG option that we accidentaly discover (it is not documented)

The customer is getting very dissapointed and Customer Support is not helping us AT ALL. We escalated the issue via email with our Account Managers (Nicole Gabel, Leandro Romesz) and nobody seems to care (CASE NUMBER : 196084

Is there somebody we can talk to about this issue ?

Best Regards