How to REALLY escalate a support customer issue inside SysAid Support ?

Folks :

I am opening the case out of the frustration caused by not being able to get a decent answer to a customer requirement, for more than a week.

Is a paying customer, so no excuses apply

We opened the case ( 1960848 ) like a week ago, we are developing an interface via Web Service between Remedy and SysAid, things work just fine Remedy -> SysAid, but NOT the other way around, simply because the documentation is quite limited and support is not helping AT ALL.

We have read the documentation on HOW TO DO IT (how to trigger a response out of SysAid), a part of which works (how to gather the fields from inside SysAid) but the communication part (trigger the sending of that information gathered in an XML file to an external Web Service) seems to be impossible.

In 6 years working with SysAid I think this is the first time, that no matter how many Account Manager we contacted by email asking for help beyond support, NOBODY SEEMS to care on closing a ticket from a legit customer asking a perfectly valid question.

Is it an irony, that the company that manufacture a Service Desk solution cares so much about "not getting complains out" that prefers to block problems from getting public ...

Any ideas / suggestions ?