Report of device purchase date grouped by year

I'm having a difficult time trying to create a report based on the purchase date of assets. I'd like to have a bar graph, similar to the old Inventory Overview - the age of the asset - but with more dates and just using the newer reporting format. However, I cannot get a bar graph to group by year; it wants to make a bar for every purchase date and I don't want to set a generic, single day as the purchase date for a given year. The only way I have found to group by year is to make a line graph, which is not what I want... and I can't get it to stack by type.

Add that on the bar graph I can select Chart Data and get a mini-report that shows the highest counts per date, where as the line graph does not have that option.

So to restate, I'm trying to make a bar graph for the age of an asset that groups assets by year of purchase and stacks by device type, as well as provides a way to see what the total devices purchased in a year was.

Is there a way to do this, or am I just out of luck?