Agent Deployment plan not working

When I try to deploy the agent from Network Discovery > Agent Deployment plans, I am receiving this error message no matter what I do. In my GPO I have a GPO to allow remote registry even. I also have changed the password also.
Execute Agent Deployment Plan
Currently running tasks

08/04/2018 7:49:01 AM

Deployment to S1 finished successfully.

08/04/2018 7:48:57 AM

Deployment to LP failed - Deploy command received
Deploy started on machine LP
BMHD05LP - Failed to connect to the target machine via SSH using credentials admin
BMHD05LP - Connected to machine via SMB using credentials admin
BMHD05LP - Failed to connect to Remote Registry - System Error: 5 Error Description: Access is denied.
Te deram algum retorno?

Estou com o mesmo problema.