#Else if Statements not working.

Okay, so I'm thoroughly fed up of HTML. Hate the stuff.

But I'm hoping someone can help.

I've got some syntax error somewhere in this code that means we get no output from the main notification to end user.

I've got an absolute tonne of #elseif statements that need to be put in because it's being demanded by the customer base.

Can someone help by reviewing the attached code? I'll honestly have about 20 different conditions that need to be put in prior to us going live.
I'm no expert on this, but I think it may be the syntax (though both may work), the way I have entered our else if statements is #elseif.

eg: #elseif( ${Status}=="New" && ${IsNewSr}==true)

I also had the error where blank notifications were being sent, and I think it was due to a rouge "space " somewhere in a rule between the brackets.

Not sure if you need both of the two #end tags after your first statement.

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Really appreciate the effort Deci, but unfortunately it's not resolved the issue.