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Third-Party Integrations


SysAid’s Azure integration allows you to more efficiently manage the users in your company from one central location, by automatically pulling user data from Azure to SysAid. The integration runs these data imports on a schedule that you define; saving time and preventing human error that could occur from manually copying the data.


While this integration provides admins with access to users from Azure within SysAid, the users themselves cannot access SysAid unless you also enable the Office 365 integration.

Set up the Azure integration

  1. From the SysAid Marketplace, get the Azure addon.
  2. On the main Third-Party Integrations page, in the Azure icon, click .
  3. In the Azure dashboard, navigate to Azure Active Directory > Custom Domain Names.
  4. Copy the name that's in the Available status.
  5. Back in SysAid, paste the name into the Tenant name field.
  6. In Azure, navigate to Azure Active Directory > App Registrations.
  7. Click View All Applications.
  8. Click New Application Registration.

  9. In the Web app/API field, enter your SysAid account URL.
  10. Copy the application ID.
  11. Back in SysAId, paste the copied text into the Client ID field.
  12. Set Microsoft Graph permissions in Azure.
    1. In Azure, navigate to Settings > API Access > Required Permissions.
    2. Click Add.
    3. Click Select an API.
    4. Select Microsoft Graph.
    5. Select the following permissions from the Application Permissions section:
    • Read and Write all users' full profiles
    • Read all users' full profiles
    1. Select the following permissions from the Delegated Permissions section:
    • Read all users' basic profiles
    • Read all users' full profiles
    1. Click Save.
    2. In the Required Permissions section, click Grant permissions.
    3. When prompted, click Yes.
  13. In Azure, configure a key.
    1. Navigate to Settings > Keys.
    2. Enter a key name.
    3. Select the expiration date.
    4. Click Save.
  14. Copy the contents of the key's Value column.
  15. Back in SysAid, paste the copied text into the Secret Key field.
  16. Enter the update interval. For example, if you enter 6, SysAid pulls any new data from your Azure account every six hours.
  17. Enter the domain you want.
  18. Click the slider to activate the integration.
  19. Click Save Changes.

SysAid imports your Azure users into your Users list and updates the data based on your defined intervals.

Fields imported

When you import data from Azure, the integration pulls the values from the maps the values from Azure fields to SysAid user fields as follows:


Azure Field SysAid Field
ID User ID
Business phone phone
displayName User Name
givenName First Name
Mail Email
mobile phone Cellular Phone
office location Location
Prefferred Language Language
Surname Last Name
User Principle Name User Name





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Hello, Is the Fields imported from Azure AD to SysAid can be customized ?
For example the Manager of User need to be imported for my company, because we're working with approval process over different workflows.
Regards ?