RDS and network discovery

I am new to sysaid so forgive me if I am missing something simple. I have been unable to deploy using the agent deployment plan, and after working with support find that if a client does not show up in network discovery on the sysaid server then RDS will also not see it. Most of our clients are Windows 10 and SMBv1 is not enabled. I've found workarounds talking about turning on a couple of services, FDResPud and FDPHost, but not sure if that is something I would want to do. I might consider using a GPO to deploy via msi files, but is RDS necessary for communication and other things I may use in sysaid?

Has anyone else had to deal with network discovery (changing settings so that all clients show up here first) before able to use RDS to deploy? Is this a secure methodology in today's world?

Thanks for any input or advice!
I've been working for months with tech support (#2043319) trying to figure out why asset management is not working properly. We started deploying via GPO and a batch file calling the agent. That worked only partially, in that the agent installed, the assets were there, but you couldn't upgrade the asset via the asset module. They recommended using the MSI, which I had tried prior and it failed, and it is still failing. If I take the MSI and copy it to a batch file and run the batch file, the agent installs, but I can't get the GPO to install. Any ideas would be awesome!!!