Filter Email Rule Text in from Email’s “To” Address FR#34263 - Released in 18.4.20

SysAid Product Manager Community Manager
SysAid’s Email Rules apply a set of predefined actions on tickets that are automatically generated by emails from your users. Admins have been allowed to configure a rule to search text in an email’s body, subject or Sender (From) and to use the text to determine which rule to apply to the ticket.

Now admins can also decide to search based on the address that the user sent the email to. This can be very helpful when admins have multiple email aliases that reach the same inbox. This way if an admin has an email inbox that is accessed by multiple companies, departments, or some other designation, using different aliases, they can apply different email rules based on which alias the email is sent to.

Let's say that you set up your email integration to generate tickets for emails sent to You can now create an alias named that is routed to the same inbox. Just set up an email rule to check the address that the email is sent to and assign an urgent priority to any sent to the alias. You can set up a different rule for each alias you create.

To read more about Email Rules, see our online help.

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very nice!