Apply Agent Settings to manually installed agent?

Can I apply specific Agent Settings (in our sysaid control panel) to an agent that was manually installed?

Details (sorry for length/rant):

Recently worked with SysAid about duplicating assets being created when we rebuild workstations, and re-deploy (via Network Deploy) the agent. The new deploy would use the MAC instead of Vendor-Serial, thus creating new unwanted duplicate assets. We were told this is a bug, and were given a workaround:

"This is related to a known issue referenced in our internal system as bug #34197. I've linked this case to the bug in question in order to have you automatically notified once a fix will be in place. In the meantime, as a workaround, please install agent version 16.3 on Windows 10, and then automatically upgrade the agent ( version to 18 so the calculation of the Asset_ID will remain as the vendor + serial number (Agent version 16.3 - available here: ******. "

I was able to test this today on Laptop A that needed to be rebuilt, and it worked great -- it updated the existing asset, no duplicates! I installed version 16, then used Upgrade Agents Version in SysAid control panel to update just Laptop A to version 18. Nice!

However, it does not have the custom Agent Settings that would normally be applied by a Network Deploy. Is there a clean/simple/nice way to apply these Agent Settings to Laptop A?

At this point, with Laptop A at v18, I attempted to do the Network Deploy, to Laptop A, even though it already has the agent. I was hoping, since Network Deploy specifically references the specific Agent Settings object we want that it might apply them in place. But it looks like it did nothing. It did not reinstall the software, it did not create duplicate assets, it did not change any configurations. It just did nothing (which makes sense, really).

Maybe I could change Laptop A config to First Time=Y and then do Network Deploy? Would this do anything? But would this make a duplicate asset (our whole reason for avoiding Network Deploy)?

Or maybe there a way for Upgrade Agents Version to apply Agent Settings? If I'm going to have to do this anytime I manually install 16 and upgrade to 18, it seems like a time/place in the process for it to happen.

I am aware of the batch file install approach with the various flags/switches. But I cannot find any up-to-date documentation on this. We only have an old example of this, and searches only found what look like old versions or examples. I want to make sure ALL of the same Agent Settings are applied, not just some of them. Is there a way to export our Agent Settings to a batch file? Is there a way to tell the manual install to go out and grab a specific Agent Settings entry via the batch file/agent install exe switches?

I opened the AgentConfigurationFile.xml from My Laptop and from Laptop A, and I did a diff check on them. I can see the various missing settings Laptop A did not get. But one setting did stick out to me on my laptop:

"<Handler Name="FeaturePackManagerHandler" Enable="1" />
<Handler Name="DynamicConfigurationHandler" Enable="1">
<property Name="AgentSettingsID" value="2" Enable="1" />

I see the Value="2" there and I'm sure that refers to the Agent Settings we want to target, which I can confirm have id = 2 in the list. Would changing that setting on Laptop A to 2 help? How would I get SysAid to see that change and to grab Agent Setting #2 and apply them? Maybe this makes no sense though.. just stood out to me.

I know that I could probably fix some of the settings manually (shortcut key, shortcut title, RD message, etc). I assume I could even copy over any non-device specific config settings, restart the PC, and those would be in effect, right? So I could exhaustively manually force them to be "applied," right? BUT, I did notice that Laptop A does not have Password Services (that is, I don't see the sysaid unlock/reset password options at the Win 10 lock screen).. So, is there something wrong with installing this way? Even if I manually applied the settings, would Password Services come back? Looking at the config diff for CredentialProviderHandler, on My Laptop I see the InstalledState is Install, but on Laptop A it's Uninstall.

Ok, well that's enough of an infodump brainstorm. Any help greatly appreciated. Can open ticket if needed, but thought I'd start here today. Thanks, all!

Still have not found a clean way to apply Agent Settings to an agent that was manually deployed.

I tried using the batch file switches (documented here: This does allow many of the settings to be configured, but there are still differences between this and when the Network Deploy is used with Agent Settings. Specifically, the differences are with these properties: "RCmessage", "RemoteControlHeader", "PopUpLauncherHandler", "ChatlaunchHandler", "AgentSettingsID", "LogLevel".

I could of course manually adjust the config file, but (1) I really would prefer to not have to do this, if there is a better way. (2) I'm not even confident that if I changed the config file that the SysAid Agent would be prompted to see/use those changed settings -- I'm not sure the consciousness of the agent.

I attempted to trick SysAid by changing my manual deploy config file AgentSettingsID to be 2, which matches the Agent Settings ID I want. I hit Update Now in the SysAid asset entry, but this does not change the config file at all, as I expected.

Next I might try to undeploy the manual, and re-deploy it with Network Deploy. I am confident this will fix the settings, but I bet this creates a duplicate asset. But maybe not, magically?

It'd be great if I could simply select tell the sysaid manual deploy to use Agent Settings #2.

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Confirmed that network undeploy of manual agent and network deploy of agent (with desired settings) does still create duplicates, as expected. So, until the duplicating bug is fixed, I'll have to manually deploy (in cases of workstation rebuild, when an asset in sysaid already exists).

Can't spend more time on this now, so going to accept that some obscure config settings just won't be right.

If I use a batch file, with setting switches setup right, to install SysAid 16.3, I get most of the settings we want, including Password Services. And the upgrade to 18 works too.

I suppose once the duplication bug is fixed I could.. network undeploy and redeploy with my settings?
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I found this bug about a month earlier. They had me download a new MSI. Check this out: