[SysAid Blog] SysAid UI Refresh: A Dual Effort with Our Customers

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We did it! But, not alone, only with our customers. SysAid collaborated with many customers around the world to get their input on the new UI. We did this because we value our customer's opinion, and we strive to keep our customers happy. So, what is all the hype, and what is exciting with SysAid’s new UI?

Read our latest blog post!

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Thanks Danny. Been greatly enjoying the new UI demo and will be sharing more broadly with our teams this week to get additional feedback.

One question just off of that blog post.

"Newsfeed-like display: presenting incidents like news stories, descending from the broadest information to the most detailed."

This line-item. Can this be expanded on? I'm not quite sure how this relates to the current UI interface, as I've seen it at least.
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Hi Paul,

This is an analogy to the new ticket view UI, where the broad information is visible immediately, and you can dive into the details. I agree it might need an edit to explain the meaning behind it


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ok cool.

Just from the description it seems to be describing more of a Dashboard view rather than a list view of service records.
In the last few emails I have received from Sysaid, links in the message are now point to the domain mkto-ab330165.com. I am not able to access these because my Office 365 reports these as malicious links. Is this domain in the links valid?