KB Article Expiration not working for reminders


We are looking to implement a better knowledge management solution with our client and after walking through initial agrement on how we are going to manage this, they have an issue with articles being available to view by any ATS admin prior to going through some kind of review. While this can be controlled in terms of publishing to the end user portal, their concern is around ATS admins being able to see them.

Is there a feature request logged to have some kind of approval flow for KB articles prior to them becoming available to view for all ATS admins?

Failing this, I am looking for a workaround. I was thinking one way would be to create a ticket using reminders when a new artle is created using the KB article expiration date (including the setting of the exiration date as part of the process). It appears reminders do not work for this date. I tested by setting the expiry date of an asset and the expiry date of a KB article to the same date and set up two almost identical reminders - one using the asset warranty expiration date and the other using the KB artle epiration date. The warranty expiration reminder worked fine, the KB one did not.

I was thinking another workaround may be to limit which resolver groups can view article after they are created and remove this filter during the review process, but I do not seem to be able to do this either.

Is there an issues with this expiration date or is there a way of limiting articles by resolver group? Or is there any other workaround that might meet this requirement?

The version of Sysaid in use is v16.1.25 b28

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