One Task per Task Notification, or do you reuse? Best practice?

Hey SysAid, my manager was wondering what you recommend as best practice for Tasks and Task Notifications.

Should there be a 1:1 ratio, so for every Task there is a Task Notification as well?
Should there be a small fixed set of Task Notifications, such as one-per-IT admin, which are reused by Tasks referencing them as IT admins are assigned reoccurring Tasks.

I personally prefer the latter and have suggested as much to them, as I think it's easier to maintain, less redundant information etc. Plus, you can dynamically refer to some of the Task elements, like $notes, so you can keep almost all of the info centralized to Tasks.

But not all info can be pulled in with variables! For example: you cannot set a service ticket category via the Task, it seems it has to be set on the Task Notification. I don't think that alone means you have to go 1:1 (just set the category later).

SysAid seems like it likes modular reused items (see credentials). But then it doesn't go All In as described, which leaves me wondering which way it prefers.

Any help appreciated, as my manager likes to follow standards, best practices, etc.