Email rules just got even better - it's not just for incidents anymore! - FR#13286 - 19.2.20

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SysAid’s incoming email integration allows users to generate incidents in SysAid from emails sent to a designated inbox. Email rules extended the capability to determine many of the parameters of the generated incidents based on the content of the email or the address in the To or From fields.

This is a handy feature but it has always been limited to creating incidents, excluding the possibility of creating a change, request, or problem from an email.

What’s new?
Not anymore! Admins can now configure email rules to determine the SR type and template for an SR generated by email integration.

If an employee wants to submit a request via email, say they want to replace their department’s printer, they can send the email to their IT department and SysAid’s email rules can be configured to generate a specific type of request SR instead of treating the email as an incident.

This can save the time it takes for IT admins to sort through automatically generated SRs to determine their type, template, and who to assign to for resolving the SR.

For more information on this configuring email rules, please see our online help.

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Hi Danny. When will this feature be released?
SysAid Product Manager Community Manager
Hi Crissmiller,

In the next Cloud version.