Customize your login page to match your company’s brand - FR# 33645 - 19.3.10

SysAid Product Manager Community Manager
For Admins and users not using a single sign-on solution, the first impression they have of SysAid is the login page.

We replaced this legacy login page with a new, modern-looking page that includes a customizable banner image.

This is a great way for you to ensure that SysAid’s look and feel matches that of your company’s brand.
In addition, you can use the login banner image to publicize special announcements to employees who log in to SysAid.

Check out how easy it is to customize:

For more information on customizing your login page, please see our online help.

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Elite SysAider
Danny we are on v19.2.22 b11 but our login page is still the old option and not the new hotness.

not seeing if there is an option that we need to enable for that to happen or not?

Should we raise with support?
SysAid Product Manager Community Manager
Hi Paul,

Our apologies, this feature will become available starting with v19.3.10. The title has been updated.

Elite SysAider
ah, makes sense.

Thanks Danny