New lightbox for easy viewing of SR activities - FR#35370 - 19.3.10

SysAid Product Manager Community Manager
Part of the refreshed UI included an activities control in the SR form that opened a pop-up window when you hovered over the View Description icon.

We’ve updated this element with a new lightbox that you can move or resized to allows you to fit the viewing experience to whatever is most comfortable on your screen. You can also toggle between activities, and easily copy the text of an activity.

New type of custom field – sometimes the date is not enough

For more information about using fields the SR form, please see our online help.
Hello- For a brief period of time while I was working this last weekend, on the Activities tab the Trashcan at the left of the individual activity was replaced with a minus sign [-] and the entire text of the description in the activity was shown in the view pane. I assumed I was seeing a new option (or possible one that I simply wasn't aware of previously) that would be [+] expand to show all, [-] reduce to two lines and [Trashcan] delete, but I only saw it on one case and only for a minute or so. Is there a parameter I need to set to have this +/- capability?
SysAid Product Manager Community Manager
Hi John,

This sounds like a CSS update for the Delete icon, and not what you have described The current Activities design is the latest one.

I literally just upgraded thinking this new feature would also be applied to notes...
Why would you only apply this to activities? Are there plans to do the for notes? (in incidents and requests)