Link to folder in the service catalog

I'm setting up our service catalog for the first time. We have chosen the approach to setup a folder for each of our subsidiaries at the top level. This approach makes sense but there is some concern that users may not realize they need to access the parent company folder to re report/request some shared services. How can I create a link in the appropriate place under each of our subsidiaries that will link back to a Shared Services folder under the parent company?

For example, if we setup Parent Company -> Shared Services to house the links for these templates. How would we setup a link under Subsidiary 1 -> Technology Requests -> Shared Services to point back to Shared Services under the Parent Company so we only need to maintain a single place.

Thanks in advance!
Elite SysAider
Creating a folder for each subsidiary is a good way to keep services organized. But this is from your perspective, not users' one. I'd remove the "subsidiary" level: you can simply limit service items visibility by groups and/or companies.

When you think/design/communicate/deliver the customer side of your services, consider preferably what makes sense and easier for your users.