Templates not appearing in Self-Service Portal (but they do in End-User Portal)

I recently upgraded to Ver.19 of the On Premise SysAid system and I have noticed an issue with Templates in the Self-Service Portal in that they are not appearing in the Template Drop Down. I do not believe this was an issue before the update to V.19 as I had several users submit tickets using a template that I made just for them. If I switch back to the End-User Portal then the Templates appear fine.

Any ideas? I have double checked that they are all visible to the correct users and groups.
Any solution or is it a bug?
I have the same issue, this occurred following the most recent chrome update. Is there a permanent fix for this?
SysAid Wiz
Hi guys,

Have you checked whether the option "Visible for end users" is activated in the settings -> Service Desk Templates -> in the Template?

You should also check the authorizations in the categories which end users have access and which template is assigned to the category for incident requests, changes or problems.


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It looks like this may have been resolved in the upgrade to v20. I turned on the SSP and logged into it and the Templates are showing up fine now.
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ICYMI, we launched SysAid’s modern Self-Service Portal (SSP) a while back, and now we’re ready to say farewell to the legacy End-User Portal (EUP).

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Onwards and Upwards!