Incident List Not Exporting More than 1000 Records

Good day,

On the latest version the list view of incidents is limited to show only 1000 records.

My result set has more than 1000 records. Let's say I want to view all calls and export it to excel that has been resolved for a period of a month / year it is now limited to 1000 records only.

We cannot do this anymore with this limitation, can this be set?

Please advise.

Thank you
Kind Regards

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Hello Charl Van Tonder,

I am unsure if there is a way to alter the number of records it allows you to export, however with the specific example you provided, you can perform this action using the reports tool, customizing your report to show the specific data of the records you want as well as the date range and then run the report to export to excel. Let me know if you have any questions on that process and I would be happy to assist however I can.
Hi Alan,

Thank you for the feedback.

I can understand why it was developed this way, in the past if a person didn't select their filters correctly then Sysaid will populate all incidents and requests and this would then lead to a slow system for while.

For performace reasons I do feel that this is better. It was just more convenient to export it from the grid instead of going and creating a report.

We will make use of Reporting or Extract the information from SQL.

Thanks again