Reports Not Running Anymore

Hi There! I have some reports that were built by an admin to run daily/weekly/monthly that no longer run and then email everyone it is supposed to. I have tried to duplicate the report and change the time it runs and i am able to get it if i do it manually, however they dont run on their own. Also, the Admin who set up these reports was deleted from the system when he left the company and I am not sure if that has anything to do with it?

I am at my wits end trying to figure out what happened and the SysAid help desk is SUPER UNHELPFUL.

Does anyone have any insights on this problem I am having?

Thank you in advance!
Hello Desirae84,

Have there been any changes to the type of data the reports are generating? Basically when they were first set up has anything changed in the specific reports? I have found sometimes updating the information being pulled can cause the schedule to get messed up and have to be rebuilt.

Have you tried going into the scheduled reports section, deleting the currently set schedules for said reports, then going back to the report and adding a new schedule?

I am unaware of an issue caused by deleting the admin that made the initial reports, however I have seen some weird things occur from time to time.