Insert Time Greater Than Close Time

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Does Sysaid use the user date and Time or the Server Date and Time when adding the date and time stamps?

Our Open Close and Aging report (SSRS Reports) didn't balance and I ran into the scenario where the close date is less than the insert date. that caused the descrepancy.

Please see attached Picture and data extract.

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Service Request Data.xlsx
Ioana from Sysaid has replied to a ticket that I have logged and has given me the correct answer, I am posting the answer for future questions on the same topic:

This behavior usually happens when a closed ticket is duplicated.
If you close a ticket and then choose to duplicate it at the time it is in the closed status, the insert time will be the time when you choose to duplicate it and the close time will be the same with the previous ticket.
Usually, whenever you choose to duplicate a ticket, it is not recommended to duplicated closed tickets.

Also, as a test, you can create a new ticket, close it, wait for 5 minutes and then from the Actions tab, duplicate it and save.
After that, please verify the insert time and close time for both of them.


In the below communication Sysaid Confrimed that this is a bug:

After further investigation, we found out that this behavior has been acknowledged as a bug in our system.
The close time should not be grated than the request time in the scenario where a ticket is duplicated.
I will attach this SR to the BUG#18591 and in this way you will be notified as soon as it is resolved.