How to select what users from AD are enabled


By default Sysaid try to enable every user enabled in Active Directory. Buy I only want to give access to Sysaid to certain number or users (180 to be precise).

How can I select what users have access to sysaid?

Currently I enable and disable every single user in Sysaid. But with the current release, every user disabled get enabled by pushing the previous enabled users...

For example:

a) I have only 180 enabled users en sysaid
b) Sysaid starts a synchronization with AD
c) Then, randomly, sysaid disable the 180 users... and then enable the other "new" users (I am talking about 700 users)
d) The result, is that users that should have access to sysaid get kick out... a users that should'nt have access acquire access

Elite SysAider
User class filter - in your LDAP settings
change DOMAIN to yours, the SysAidAccess is a group i created in the Active Directory, where I add my SysAid Users
Don't seems to work.

My filters configuration:

User class filter: (&(memberof=CN=SysAidAccess,OU=Security Groups,DC=mycompany,DC=com,DC=mx))
User filter: (sAMAccountName={0})
Group class filter: (objectcategory=group)

1. I created the group SysAidAccess, with only 20 users as members
2. Set the filters settings
3. Update the End users list... nothing happen, no user gets disabled or enabled.

If I return the previous configuration: (objectcategory=user), it gets 829 users (my AD has above 1200 active users). Every one gets a licence (despite my limit is 180).

What I missing?
Elite SysAider
I think you need this
(&(memberof=CN=SysAidAccess,CN=Security Groups,DC=mycompany,DC=com,DC=mx))

You can also test this with the dsa.msc on windows, if you have the administrator tools installed

that way you know what you are getting before SysAid imports them

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