Re-Ordering Incident Tabs

Hello All,

I apologize if this is a duplicate post, but I was unable to locate the original post that I remember seeing a while back. I have seen people asking if it's possible to re-order the tabs at the top where "General Details" "Solution" "History" "Messages" and so are are listed. I saw multiple times where the answer was you had to delete the tabs then recreate them in the order you want. I accidentally found out today that this in not the case. If you go into your system tools, then "Service Desk Template" select the "Sub Types" option and open the specific subtype you want to change the tab order on. Once open select "Edit Sub Type View" and click on "Design Form" button in the upper right to open your options. Change the "tab" drop down to the tab you want to change and replace the "Tab Description" line with whatever you want the new tab to be called.

Example: Tab of "Messages" has the caption of "$resource.getString('SREdit.messages')" if you replace that text with "Additional Info" the tab will be come "Additional Info"

Once you create the new tab you simply have to add the individual fields you want available on that tab. If you have any questions let me know and I would be happy to help out.
Super SysAider
Yes, you can do it exactly as you've stated, but I think that most people who have filled out the tab information would just like to change the order without having to re-create all of the information within a existing tab. That is the real issue. Thank you though for sharing your procedure!