New Hire workflow for multiple teams


Wondering if anyone can help...

I am creating a new hire workflow in sysaid but i'm stuck on a few dependencies and unsure if i can achieve what i would like.

1. New hire request is submitted
2. There is a tab for end user manager to complete with requirements for new user before workflow is activated.
3. On completion, workflow is activated. There are 4 parts to the workflow that are dependent on answers to some requirements submitted by manager (There are hardware requests or software requests that are covered by other internal teams). E.g. If manager selects that ERP access is required this activates the particular tab in the workflow, if it isn't required the ERP access isn't activated. This is great but i'm not sure how i can get the workflow to complete if one of the tabs is never activated. (see attachment)

Can anyone offer any suggestions on this one please?

Apologies if this if confusing, i can expand on this if anyone can help.