disable auto login from action item notification

Since upgrading to the latest on prem version v19.2.33 b4, clicking on the action item link within the email notification results in opening the action item in the browser, signed in as the assigned user.

For example, a specific type of request gets assigned to "adminteam". The email notification goes to the adminteam account, which forwards to multiple admins on our team.

If "admin1" opens the link containing the email forwarded to them from the adminteam@ourcompany.com notification, the link opens signed in under adminteam instead of admin1. The URLin the email appears to contain the assigned username and a login "token".

The old version just opened under the account the browser is signed in under or prompted for login if the admin was not yet signed into sys aid.

Is there any way to disable this auto login feature or otherwise side step this functionality by making specific configuration changes? Is it possible to assign a task to an active directory group instead?