Low Disk Space Alerts

Trying to see if we can setup alerts for our workstations when they get to around 20-25gb of free space available.
SysAid Customer Success Team Leader
You can use the SysAid Monitoring module to achieve this.

The SysAid monitoring module gives you a way to proactively monitor your computer and SNMP assets. Rather than waiting for a user to report a problem, SysAid can immediately detect specific types of events, and notify you that a problem exists. You can monitor various performance measurements for your computers such as CPU, memory, and hard drive usage; you can monitor network activity per asset as well as general asset availability; you can also receive SNMP traps from your SNMP devices. When SysAid discovers a problem, it will notify you by email or SMS, and SysAid can also open a service record for the issue so that you can immediately begin work on resolving it.

Click https://community.sysaid.com/Sysforums/posts/list/5742.page for more detail.