Add additional fields to top panel (and keep what's there)

Super SysAider
I'm thinking this is a feature request/bug report, but here we go: I would like to add three more fields to the top panel (Request User, Assigned to, and Admin Group) and that's easy enough to do. However, while they save to the list (so there are now 12 items listed), the top panel doesn't resize to accommodate these 3 new fields. If I swap the 9th and 10th items (Submit User and Request User), Request User will now display in the bottom-right of the top panel. I don't want to remove even 1 of the existing items; I would just like the other 3 to appear as well.

My question is this: what can I do to make the top panel resize on it's own or what do I need to edit to make it the size I need it to be?

I lean towards this being a bug rather than a feature as I can customize the list and add more options so I would expect the panel to resize as needed.

(FWIW, I tried to search for an existing post but I didn't find anything.)
I had the same question. This is what I learned: