Archiving - How Does It Work?

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Does the archiving of tickets help with database performance and search times?

What happens with an archived ticket? Where do they go?

Is there help for archiving, I could not find any.

Is there any special setup required?

Lots of questions, I thought I would go ahead and just get them all out there?
Hey Chris,

afaik, archiving a ticket just sets the 'Archived' value to true.

When a ticket is archived, the following happens:

1. The enduser can't reopen the ticket anymore and can't add anymore notes. They can still download attachments and view the title, description, solution, etc.

2. Admins can't see the ticket anymore while being in the "DEFAULT" view in the incident or request list. If you click on the arrow next to View you'll find the pre-defined view "Archived".

3. Admins can't interact with the fields in the ticket anymore. They can't modify the ticket anymore, basically. They can still view everything and download attachments. Archived tickets can still be deleted completely (if enabled in your admin settings).

4. Afaik, it doesn't improve performance. Just moves these tickets to a different view and makes them read only.

To activate archiving, you'll have to create a new escalation rule that affects all tickets.
- Select the "Escalate when more than XX hours and XX mintues have passed since Close time" and customize the values in the hours and minutes fields.
- Disable all notifcations (at least I'd recommend that).
- The escalation level must be your highest level out of all your rules.
- In the action builder at the bottom, create a new statement with "Archive = Yes".

Done, I've set mine to 21 days.


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Thank you for the information.

Are you aware if it locks the information in the records in a way that, for example, if I had to adjust a custom list in the future and remove an option. If that option was used in an archived SR would it remove that information from the record?
For anyone else wondering, no, archiving does not set in stone values and still relies on the lists to keep the value.