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Hi SysAiders,

Registration is opening up soon for the new Workshop Series called "I didn't know I can do that!"

I hope that this can be the place where we can discuss the new things we learn, go over the old stuff too, and get help from our peers as well as the expert trainers.

It's up to you now.

No more excuses that you didn't know...

Here's what we have planned so far:

August 25th - Worksafe App: Reduce COVID-19 self-reporting burdens and compliance risk
September 16th - Service Center: Empower your non-IT depts, with FREE Service Center
October 1st - Workflow Designer: Digital Workflows 201
October 21st - Reporting & Analytics: Get more visibility, make better decisions
November 5th - Asset Management: Eliminate complexities of ticket management with built-in ITAM
November 24th - Automate Joe: Service Orchestration 101
December 16th - Self-Service: Get your self-service charged up!

By all means, please suggest more topics we should add.


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Following today's workshop, have you requested your free Worksafe App?

Here's a reminder how to request it: https://www.sysaid.com/it-service-management-software/marketplace/worksafe-app

For everyone else, have you started using it yet? What's the experience like?

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