Submit a Video not showing in Chrome/FireFox


We are new to SysAid and have been having problems with video submission that we have not been able to nail down.

It seems some devices can submit video as an attachment to an incident through the desktop agent and then the self service portal but other devices cannot.

This does not seem to be tied to agent settings or account but I have discovered on working devices it still only works through Edge and not through Chrome or Firefox which makes me think it could be something specific in some browser configs. We have not set up any restrictions/policies/custom settings in our browsers and a reset to defaults or reinstall of the failing browser does nothing to help.

Has anyone seen this in the past or is there a list of required browser settings perhaps?

When the functionality does not work the agent runs, records the videos, stores it in temp but when the browser opens and you select submit an incident there is just no attach video options and no indication a video was taken at all, when it works in Edge we see the video on that page with a check box to add it as attachment.

Any ideas to look at would be appreciated.