Unable to save subtypes

Hi all, my first post, just started creating a request workflow,

I created a new subtype, which created a request template automatically.

The problem i have is after editing the request template it created a duplicate when saved with #1 tag, which i deleted as i did not want duplicates, now the original template reverted to the default subtype (so i have deleted this also) and the original subtype now has no template.

How do i create a template based on an existing subtype its not obvious ?
or do i need to delete the subtype and recreate from scratch. This is a pain as i don't know why the template save created a duplicate template, which had also lost is workflows.

I tried editing the subtype to recreate the linked template but my save option remains greyed out even if i make a change so i am unable to actually re save the subtype to try this method.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Need to understand as well how all this works as it is quite confusing in terms of steps to follow to have a correct form for end users.