Add Custom boxes to SRView

On my sysaid I have created some custom action items/text boxes to our request forms and I was wondering how I would go about adding those boxes or any boxes to the SRview when someone is looking at their SR's in the SSP. Right now when someone looks at their requests in the SSP they only have the Description box and attachment box and that's it. I want it to display more information than just the description box.
Elite SysAider
Hi Tfetterolf,
you can add additional fields on the SR details page. Go to Settings > Self-service portal > Self-service portal settings, click on + "Advanced Settings". Then open the window "Add/remove fields".

I would vote for having the ability to decide where to place the additional fields, based on the nature of the field (eg. a text area field may be more helpful if located above or under Description field, instead of in the Ticket Info box).

Since the portal is designed on a bootstrap structure, we may have the ability to move the fields in the predefined sections - at least one more than just the Ticket Info box.