Email integration doesn't function anymore with On-Premise SysAid

Hello SysAid Support,

We are using SysAid with an on-premise server dedicated for it.
Email integration is set-up, and was functioning well until a few months ago. We are using the OWA option.

The IT staff still gets emails from our SysAid, but only for this reason:
* A service record #(number) has been escalated

The person who opened the service record (and only him\her) is receiving email from SysAid when:
* New Service Record #
* A service record # was changed to Closed
* A service record # was changed.

The problem we encounter is that no one can open a new service record by sending an email to the email address we set in SysAid's integration settings.

I would highly appreciate your help, as this is a major issue for us and might result in moving to a different ticketing system altogether, if no resolution will be found.

Thank you,
Nir Brener.