Workflow Notification formatting

Does anyone know if it is possible to change the format of the Service Desk Templates > Workflow Notifications to match that of the Customize > Email Notifications? I have created a new set of Email Notifications that are a massive improvement on the original default plain text ones, and so far are getting great feedback - apart from one downside. We have a Material Request template that, once filled in and submitted, sends an email to a particular manager for approval. This email is generated within Service Desk Templates > Workflow Notifications but is just plain text with no way of setting like the main emails. Is there a way to improve this or would it be possible to do this in a future release?
Elite SysAider
You can simply copy and paste the HTML code of your Email Notifications on the Workflow Notifications.
Consider that:
  • Dynamic tags may change or you may be interested in action item-related tags (
  • Some special tags like ${Approve} embed the link and some styles
  • Follow the common HTML email design best practices - for example:

  • So, don't write this: